Alien Sex 101

Alien Sex Ed series

Allie Ritch


Chapter One

The Wedding Night

Quinn was thirty-six years old, and he was about to make love to a woman for the first time in his life. The thought made him laugh as he settled their luggage in the honeymoon suite. Over the years, he’d had more one-night stands, quick lays, and weekend flings than almost anyone else living in Trilanta, the largest city on the space-hub planet of the same name. But he’d never cared enough about those women to call it lovemaking. Xindra was different.

She wasn’t just another conquest, and she wasn’t even from New Earth like he was. His beautiful Allurian was everything he’d never realized he wanted or needed until she stole his heart. And as of two hours ago, she was his wife. They were now officially Mr. and Mrs. Phlyx-Nigel.

Quinn kept waiting for panic to kick in—the commitment phobia that had kept him a bachelor for so long—but it didn’t surface. Instead he felt the sinuous warmth of lust and anticipation rolling through his veins. Because Xindra was special and because he’d wanted to make sure she believed that right down to her soul, he’d waited for their wedding night to make her his. Now he felt like he’d been through months of hellish foreplay. He was ready to explode.

“Finally, I’ve got you all to myself.” Xindra purred as she wrapped her arms around him.

Her head only came as high as his chin, but Quinn knew his wife’s trim body held incredible strength. He felt her breasts squash against his chest as he pulled her closer and luxuriated in their firmness. She had to feel how firm certain parts of him were growing as well. Looking down into her deep lavender eyes, he felt love flood him until it overwhelmed and then mingled with his lust.

“You are so incredibly beautiful.” In all his life, he’d never delivered a line so sincerely, so without thought.

Her answering smile undid him until he couldn’t remember his own name. She lifted onto her toes just as he dove for her mouth. They joined somewhere in the middle. The hard aggression of his lips met the soft pillow of hers. Then they were slanting and shifting while their tongues wrestled. By the time they broke for air, his pulse pounded like a jungle drum in his temples and groin. He was fully erect, and the sight of her flushed cheeks made everything jerk tighter inside him.

Clearly reveling in her power, Xindra flashed her white teeth and backed out of reach with a teasing glint in her eyes. She slipped out of her shoes and started a slow, sensuous dance as she reached for the closure seal on her dress. Quinn’s eyes feasted on the erotic curve of her waist, the flare of her hips, and the gentle rocking motion of her tight backside. The dress was open all the way to her tailbone now, but he caught only the barest glimpses of pale skin beneath her long, curly locks. Her hair was such a dark purple it was nearly black. It glimmered like strands of royal satin.

“Well, husband, do you plan to consummate this marriage fully dressed, or would you like to join me?” She slipped out of one sleeve and then the other until the bodice of her dress clung by a thread to her tightly furled nipples.

To his surprise, Quinn laughed aloud just from the sheer joy of being with her. He was going to remember this night for the rest of his life.

“Impatient?” he teased her, already sliding his own shirt open. “Your relatives did have a few ribald suggestions for me at the reception.” The bawdy Allurians had managed to make him blush, which wasn’t easy.

“Maybe we should explore some of those suggestions,” she replied, but she was distracted now.

He discarded his shirt and watched with pleasure as she licked her lips. Then she dropped her dress to the floor with a hushed slide and plop, making his mouth water. She was stark naked underneath.

“The support is built in,” she explained saucily.

He was too busy trying not to lose it to respond. His belt hit the floor with a thud at the same time that he slipped out of his shoes. Good balance was the only thing keeping him standing as he tore off his socks and dropped his pants, although the pole between his legs could have propped him up at that point. Quinn had never felt so hard or desperate in his entire life. Which was precisely why he left his underwear on. If she handled him bare right now, he’d never last long enough to get inside her.

With a growl, he shot forward and swung her into his arms. She giggled into his mouth as he kissed her and then squealed in delight when he threw back the covers and tumbled them both onto the bed.

“You’re so beautiful,” he chanted over and over again. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

Even the floral scent of her hair stroked him from the inside out. She was a banquet, and he was ravenous. He sifted his hands through her locks, feeling each purple curl caress his fingertips and twine around his knuckles and wrists. Shifting his mouth up from her swollen lips, he kissed her dainty nose, her thick eyelashes, and the feminine curve of her ear. The hot spot over her pulse point was next while he swept his hands up and down from her shoulders to her fingertips.

Her nipples pouted for attention. She gasped and moaned when he attacked one and then the other with his starving mouth, sucking and licking and nipping while his fingers tweaked the other one. The dip between her breasts was fascinating, too. It carried her natural scent and the first drops of perspiration. After pecking a trail down to her bellybutton, he penetrated the indentation with the tip of his tongue and buried his face in her gently rounded tummy. His marauding hands stroked her from knee to thigh. By the gods, she was so soft and sweet. He’d never get enough of her.

Quinn cupped her breasts with hungry palms and gave them one more squeeze before all his attention centered on the treasure between her legs. He cocked an eyebrow in surprise as he explored new territory. Unlike New Earthling women, she wasn’t curly and coarse down below. Instead, she had very short, perfectly straight hairs that formed a pelt over her mons. When he ran his fingers through this novel down, he discovered it was as fine and soft as cat’s fur and just as thick. He felt her shiver.

“A natural purple,” he mused, which made her chuckle.

The humored sound turned into a groan when he parted her folds for a deep kiss.

Her luscious body arched into a bow even as something seemed to pop inside his head. Gods save him, she smelled like flowers and musk down here too, and the scent scrambled something in his brain. Foregoing the finesse and technique he’d learned over the years, he simply devoured her. He speared and licked and sucked as hard and fast as he could while reaching for every bit of her skin at once.

The feel of her fingers clenching in his brassy blond hair sent shivers cascading from Quinn’s scalp to the soles of his feet. It took him a full minute to realize she was pulling him back. When he pried himself off and looked up, he discovered she was glossy eyed but clearly smiling.

“Enough,” she said huskily. “I want you inside me.”

He wanted that too. Trying to rein himself in again, he kissed his way up her body. Along the way, he sighed into her navel, laved the undersides of her breasts, and nibbled on her neck before returning to her lips. When she ran her nails up his sides, he groaned and kicked back his head in bliss. Then her feet slid up the naked backsides of his calves and hips, teasing the crisp hairs on his legs not to mention the nerve endings underneath. Her flexibility nearly made his eyes cross when she hooked her toes in the waistband of his underwear and slid it down.

Quinn’s erection rocketed out like an overstuffed freighter out of space dock, and he was worried his testicles would jettison their load before he was ready. He had just enough presence of mind to dip his fingers in her cream and assure she was ready before he took aim. Before he could make berth, though, the little minx flipped him onto his back.

“What’s your hurry?” she murmured. “I haven’t even gotten a look at you.”

He groaned. “Xindra, I’m not going to make it here.”

“Just breathe.” She kissed his lips gently. “We’ve got all night. It’s our wedding night, remember?”

As if he could forget. Her words calmed him as nothing else could have. This wasn’t about scratching an itch. This was their first time together and the start of their new life. He didn’t want it over in a blink, even if he was nearly delirious for her. With that in mind, Quinn managed, if not to calm his arousal, then at least to step back from the knife-edge enough to do as she said and breathe.

“That’s it.” She kissed him more deeply and shaped his face beneath the soft caress of her fingertips.

Everywhere she touched him, he burned and tingled. When she ran her hands through his hair again, he felt it over his entire body. Her teeth scraped against the tendons in his neck until his hips came off the bed. It wasn’t until she sucked his nipple and kneaded his pec that he realized she was following the same trail he had. Which meant he was in for some serious torment.

“Xindra.” Her name came out as a moan, but he wasn’t sure whether he was begging or protesting.

She mouthed the ridges of his abdomen like each muscle was a fresh delicacy. His bobbing erection nearly clocked her in the chin when she blew hot air on his stomach and tongued a line from his navel downward. The muscles and tendons in his thighs quivered and strained and locked so tight they hurt as she slid her hot little hands over them. Then she shucked his underwear the rest of the way off his legs. She froze over the part of him standing up for attention.

Suspense added a hot edge to Quinn’s desire. Xindra hovered there, her mouth not far from the enflamed head of his engorged penis. Any second now, she’d lower her lips, take him into the hot cavity behind her pearly teeth, and stroke his shaft with that wicked tongue of hers. Any second now.

“Oh, Quinn.” Her murmur sent a draft over his wet tip, and even that slight stimulation caused him to shudder.

Although his mind was swamped by lust, something in her tone made him lift his head enough to look at her. Her eyes were incredibly soft as she gazed at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” she whispered.

At least that’s what he thought she said. His brain was muddled, and she chose that moment to rub her thumb over his foreskin. He’d never been circumcised, which wasn’t usual for New Earthlings, but wasn’t abnormal either. Was that what she was worried about?

“Does it bother you?” He had to ask through gritted teeth because she was still fondling him.

“No, baby. Just wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Huh? Quinn stared after her stupidly as she darted around the corner to the bathroom. While he waited, he tried to calm his libido enough to get his basic brain functions working again. He could have sworn she’d said the word “virgin,” but he’d been with lots of women, and he knew she’d been with Allurian men. He must have misheard.

Before he had time to ponder this further, she returned to the bed, striking him senseless anew with the full force of her gloriously naked body. He opened his arms to her immediately, impatient for the feel of her against his skin again. Settling between his legs, she pressed her full length against him and kissed him soundly. He ran his hands up and down her spine beneath her enchanting hair until she hummed against his lips.

Her eyes were crafty and full of sensual promise when she finally pulled back and slid sinfully downward to kneel between his knees. It was only then that he noticed the bath towel she’d brought with her.

“Lift.” She punctuated the order with a gentle tap on his hip.

Uncertain, he slowly raised his pelvis so that she could slip the fluffy towel beneath his buttocks. Quinn tried to stifle his disappointment when his mind fixed on the possible reasons for it. Either she was worried he’d spend too soon and wanted something to catch the mess, or else she planned to work him with her mouth but didn’t want to finish him that way. Some women didn’t. Personally, he’d rather don a condom than be left out in the cold at his most vulnerable. He was about to tell her so when her mouth descended on him and his mind went blank.

Xindra’s lips were taut, while her tongue was strong and flexible. The combination as she flicked the underside of the head and sucked his shaft wasn’t just clever; it was beyond brilliant. She was a master at this, and he was her slave. He’d do anything if she promised not to stop. The wet sounds, the shifting of the bed covers, the gasps and moans in his throat all built into a symphony while her scent mixed with his to form an intoxicating perfume. His blood hammered through his veins until both heads, high and low, felt like they’d burst. He couldn’t keep his hips still anymore. Quinn cried out a warning in a voice that was barely recognizable.

Just before the point of no return, she stopped and pulled away. The air hit his wet shaft like a cold slap, dragging him back from the brink even as it insinuated another layer of sensation. He was panting uncontrollably now, nearly shaking with his need for her. When she slid up his body for a kiss, he tried to roll her beneath him. To his surprise, she resisted.

“It’s better if I’m on top this time,” she told him. “This is your first time with an Allurian.”

He hesitated only a moment before nodding and falling flat on his back again. Whatever she wanted. If it meant lying on broken glass, he didn’t care, so long as she took him and took him now. He was practically ready to cry by the time she swung her leg over him and straddled his hips.

“Just try to relax.” She lightly raked his chest with her devilish little nails. “I’ll take it slow and gentle.”

He returned a jerky nod.

In the next instant, her hand circled him and propped him in place. She adjusted her hips so that her hot opening kissed the tip of his erection and then slowly began to swallow it.

Quinn audibly gulped, and his body broke out in a sweat. She was right. All he needed to do was relax and breathe through the pleasure long enough for her to catch up with him. Judging by how wet she was, that wouldn’t take long, but he’d damn well better succeed for more than two strokes. He wasn’t an untried teenager, for gods’ sakes.

“That’s right,” she said. “It’s going to be so good, baby. You’re so ready for me. It’ll only hurt for a minute, and then you’ll forget all about the pain.”

What? He wasn’t following. The vision of her on top of him made his head spin, and her breasts fit perfectly in his hands, the tight nipples rubbing his palms. Her sheath felt like molten syrup. She was incredibly tight and choking his cock more fiercely by the second.

“Baby,” he grunted, “watch the nails.”

She was squeezing him too tightly now, and one of her fingernails bit into his shaft in a particularly sensitive spot. He grimaced as his foreskin snagged on something and tugged back hard. But that didn’t make sense. He was inside her where everything was smooth and wet. Except her sheath wasn’t—smooth that is.

“What the…?” He realized she was running both of her hot little hands over his chest and arms, which meant he wasn’t feeling her fingernail. So if not that, then what?

“It’s all right,” she reassured him, leaning over for a kiss. “This is what happens the first time. You’re doing great. I just need you to take a deep breath for me.”

Quinn felt himself scowling now—a combination of sexual grimace and dawning fear. His balls were hard with unfulfilled need. Every instinct he had screamed for him to thrust up hard and finally take her, but the growing discomfort niggled at him.

“Xindra?” he asked uncertainly.

She cupped his cheek in one tender palm. “Look at me.”

He was immediately lost in her lavender eyes.

“Just take a nice deep breath,” she said.

Trusting her, he did, but he couldn’t stop trembling with need. He raised both hands, and she linked her fingers with his.

“I love you,” she told him, and her heart was in her eyes.

“I love you too.”

That’s when she thrust sharply down on him, snipping off his foreskin and causing his shocked bellow of pain.


It took all the strength Xindra had to hold herself still and keep Quinn from throwing her off while he tensed and struggled beneath her. Only the knowledge that he was hurting kept her motionless when all she really wanted to do was thrust up and down until her desire was sated. Although she was only seated on him three-fourths of the way, he was fighting to pull out and away from the searing pain. If she let him quit now, he’d never learn of the pleasure.

She tried to soothe him. “It’s okay now. That was it. The worst is over. Just breathe and relax.”

Her internal lubrication should already be coating him, and some of the enzymes would act as a partial analgesic and help him clot.

Tears dribbled out of the corners of his eyes, and his body remained rigid, but he stopped thrashing. His jaw was so tight she thought he’d pulverize his teeth. An unintelligible string of obscenities followed.

Xindra would have stroked his face if she could have, but he still held her hands so hard he was crushing her knuckles. He needed to relax. Although the pain would stay raw, pleasure could overwhelm it.

“It’s all right. Never again, baby. It can feel good now.” She hoped he believed her; she needed to ride him so badly.

“It hurts,” he insisted on a groan.

She’d tried to tell him it would, but clearly he hadn’t understood. If she’d known he’d never slept with an Allurian woman before and had never had his virgin skin removed, she would have handled this differently. With all the females he’d slept with here in Trilanta, how was she to know he’d never lost it? Her heart broke to know she’d hurt him this badly, but there was no going back. Besides, she’d never slept with a virgin before, so this was a first for her too.

“Feel me, Quinn,” she said softly.

She jiggled one entangled hand until he loosened his grip enough for her to pull free. Engulfing the back of his fist, she brought his fingers to where they were partially joined. He moaned at a different pitch when he felt his shaft disappearing into her body. The circle of muscle at the opening to her vagina was hard and tight, ensuring that his erection couldn’t dwindle despite his conflicted mind.

“Feel me. I’m not all the way on yet.”

Although he groaned long and low like a dying animal, she felt his cock twitch inside her. Taking it slowly, she started to sink down on him the rest of the way. The pleasure for her was immediate and intense, causing her to gasp aloud even as she tried to keep her mind centered on him. He was tensed and panting again, but he didn’t fight her. His penis was long and thick, which was great for her, but not so much for him.

Due to its size, the tender flesh of his shaft was being crushed mercilessly by the hard pressure ridges and bony fingers along the inside of her Allurian sheath. In time, once he was used to it, that same squeezing force would bring him great delight, but for now it made it harder for him to accept her. One of those fingers had peeled back and eliminated a large portion of his foreskin. Settling down on him all the way, she knew the moment he felt the second biggest projection. The hard nub knocked against the hypersensitive underside of his glans.

His blue eyes flew wide. “Oh, gods!”

“You have to relax into it.” She pushed up and was already thrusting back down again before he could grab her hips.

But he wasn’t trying to stop her. An expression of rapture flashed across his face, and his tortured moan was clearly one of pleasure now, not pain.

Xindra set up a slow, gentle rhythm despite the lust riding her as hard as she wanted to ride him. He still winced a little on every down stroke, but he groaned in ecstasy every time that extra extension caressed his undercarriage. After a minute, he started to thrust.

Ah gods, it was good. Feeling her love for him, realizing this was her husband she was making love to, was enough to drive her crazy. And to know she was the first woman to truly take him like this? She felt both humble and powerful.

Tipping forward, Xindra lowered her breasts to his chest and used her free arm to give her leverage. With a primal cry, she began to rock on him. Hard. Her cries melded with his as her insides wound tightly like a burning spring waiting for release. To her surprise, Quinn stayed with her, pounding upwards even as he was caught in limbo between pleasure and agony.

There was that moment of suspense when doubt crept in: would climax ever come, or would it just build higher and higher until the torturous rapture destroyed them? Then he punched his head back into the pillow and screamed before his body humped up in pleasure. Xindra only had a moment to savor the look of hard-won bliss on her husband’s face before her vaginal muscles started to spasm. She convulsed unbelievably hard, contracting rhythmically until she clamped down so tightly she heard Quinn holler again. The hard, hot length of him had her pounding in orgasm until she draped limply across him.

They both puffed and gasped like low-atmosphere dockworkers.

It took Xindra several minutes to realize Quinn was shaking. Although she disengaged their genitals as delicately as possible, he still hissed.

“Are you okay?” She nearly winced herself when she looked down and saw the blood coating his softening shaft.

“I think so,” he answered, sounding dazed.

“Hang on.” Moving to the bathroom, she cleaned herself quickly and grabbed a wet washcloth and a basic aid kit.

He hadn’t moved a muscle in the brief time she was gone.

“Here we go.” Gently lifting his injured member, she ran a standard palm healer over it until the intimate wound closed up and disappeared from sight.

Quinn let out a sigh of relief, but he still didn’t move as she carefully wiped him with the wet cloth to clean and soothe him. What was he thinking? Had it been too much for him? Touching him like this, she was already starting to stir once more, but she didn’t want to push it. Back in the old days, virgin men going to stud with a new Allurian wife were told to do their husbandly “duty.” She certainly didn’t want her husband seeing their relations as some kind of chore. Although it would take some time for him to grow accustomed to sex with an Allurian, she knew it would never hurt him again. She just had to convince him of that.

Lying down so that she could throw her arms around him, she rubbed his sternum lightly to comfort him. “Talk to me. I know the first time can be scary and painful, but it will get better. I promise.”

“I’m just not…” He trailed off before he could finish, which was when she realized just how lost he really was. “You’re different inside than New Earthling women.”

She was relieved he was finally speaking. “Physically, yes. Allurian females aren’t smooth and soft inside like New Earthlings. I’m fortunate to have some New Earthling friends in Trilanta, or else I wouldn’t have known that. I take it no one ever explained those facts of life to you?”

He almost grinned, which helped loosen the tight knot around her heart. “It never came up. I wish to hell someone had warned me. I feel like an ignorant—”


This time he did smile, albeit crookedly.

“I’m sorry,” she said, and she meant it. “With all the alien races living here and traveling through every year, you’d think we’d learn to communicate better. We have so many similarities, but the differences are what cause misunderstandings. You and I should have probably had the sex talk before the wedding.”

He grunted. “I would have told you we didn’t need to talk about it. I was already thinking about it every second of every day.”

Xindra chuckled and slid her hand from his chest to his cheek as she kissed him. He kissed her back deeply, making her grow damp again. They were smiling against each other’s lips when they came up for air.

“Why don’t we have that little talk now?” she suggested.

He cocked an eyebrow at her, but he didn’t protest.

Gently grasping his hand, she rolled to her back and moved his fingers until he was cupping her breast. Her nipple thrust up into the warmth of his palm, and the sheets whispered softly when Quinn shifted his hips. His clear blue eyes stared at her with renewed hunger as he flexed his fingers in a light massage. She hummed in approval.

“Do my breasts feel the same as a New Earthling woman’s?” she asked.

He shifted his hand in a circular motion. “Yes, but no New Earthling breast ever felt so good.”

She smiled at that. “Do my breasts taste like a New Earthling woman’s?”

With a wicked smile, he obliged her by taking her into his mouth. The moist heat made her squirm in pleasure, but he only rasped her once with his tongue before pulling back.

“Yes,” he answered, “but I’ve never enjoyed the taste of another woman the way I enjoy you.”

Feeling dreamily aroused, Xindra pushed his hand down the length of her torso until he reached the triangle of down between her legs. Spreading her knees, she pressed his palm against the soft pink folds that were already blooming for him.

“Do I feel the same here as a New Earthling woman?”

Quinn ran one broad, rough finger between her dewy petals with torturous slowness. She tilted her hips and whimpered when he touched the little button near the top of her slit.

“You’re formed the same,” he said, “but no other woman has ever felt so tempting.”

Finally she took his finger and tried to press it inside. He hesitated and glanced up to meet her gaze.

“I’m different inside. Not like a New Earthling woman.” She waited, hardly daring to breathe.

A flicker of doubt crossed his usually confident face, but it was gone before it truly took hold. Then she saw what she’d been hoping for—a hard flare of lust mixed with no small amount of curiosity. She gasped in relief and pleasure as he finally pushed that blunt finger into her. Although he was only trying to explore, not arouse her, the twists and turns and thrusts of his finger had her melting around him. She couldn’t wait to have his erection seated inside her again. Judging by the way it was now prodding her hip, he was seriously considering it too.

“It won’t hurt again?” he asked.

She smiled and slid her hand over his cock, making him groan. “You’re smooth and uncovered. No more pain, baby.”

He moaned again when she stroked him, and then he was on top of her, spreading her wide and probing her with his tip. Obviously cautious, he pressed in slowly. She listened to him pant and tried to let him set the pace even as the growing pressure inside made her want to burst.

“You’re so tight I can hardly stand it,” he choked out, but he didn’t stop. With a whimper, he shoved in the rest of the way and held still except for his heavy breathing.

“Are you in pain?” she asked.

He let out a strangled laugh. “Define pain.”

She used her hands to draw soothing circles along his sides and back. “What do you feel?”

“That little finger inside you has crooked itself under my glans.” He had to gasp for breath. “It’s so hard it’s almost painful.”


“Almost,” he conceded. “Instead it’s a different kind of torment.”

“Then let’s torment each other.”

Cradling his head in her hands, she looked into his handsome face and kissed him with her whole soul behind it. Then she let her head drop back to the pillow and used the rest of her body to hold him.

“Make love to me.”

Drawing back, he carefully stroked in and out, obviously testing the feel of her and getting used to it. His eyes squeezed shut, but he must have liked what he felt because he did it again. And again and again. The pressure was everything she needed, and the depth of his penetration was just right. Friction built, and that fingerling projection that so pleased him was full of nerves that produced a deep, resonating ring of pleasure every time he thrust across it.

His chest hair was a light dusting of wiry curls that were nothing like an Allurian’s soft follicles. The scratchy strands tickled her nipples. Just the sound of Quinn’s grunting and huffing was winding her tighter until the pleasure was unbearable. And he was thrusting harder and faster yet.

“Oh, gods!” Slapping one hand onto the headboard, he continued to pound her. “I’ve never had an orgasm like this. It’s good. It’s so good, Xindra. Just a little more. Please. Please, baby.”

She felt like begging herself, but all she could do was produce helpless yips. Everything coalesced into sheer, primitive sex. Her senses were absorbed. She heard their moaning and gasping and the slap of his testicles against her buttocks, felt his skin rub hers as he plowed in and out of her, and inhaled the smell of their sweat. Gazing up at him, she saw his red-faced grimace, his straining neck, and the love in his eyes when he pried them open a tiny sliver.

“More, more,” he pleaded.

She grabbed his bunching buttocks as he pummeled her. He was so wild and desperate he was just mindlessly lunging now.

“More, dammit. Please, please. I…I…Oh gods, I love you!”

They both seized at the same time. Quinn roared as he poured liquid fire into her in soul-sundering spurts, and she squealed and scratched his flanks as she convulsed with abandon. Neither of them had any control over their bodies. They were locked together and dragged through a heaven and hell of ecstasy as orgasm tore through them. When he poked upward and ground harder on his next spasm, the movement kicked her off all over again. For the first time in her life, she gave a full-throated scream of pleasure.

Xindra’s insides were still twitching in unabated delight when Quinn collapsed and flattened her into the mattress. He was a big enough man that she could barely breathe, but his weight felt too delicious to dislodge. With a satisfied sigh, she wrapped her arms and legs around him to keep him there.



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