Alien Sex 102

Alien Sex Ed series

Allie Ritch


Chapter One

Play and Foreplay

This was the fifth alien Sex Ed class Katra’Ruma had attended, and the demonstration at the front of the room made even her jaded eyes widen. She wasn’t even sure this qualified as intercourse, although it was admittedly a gray area at the moment. The two models, Cras and Almona, were sitting in a tank of water up to their chests and masturbating each other frenetically.

“As you can see,” Quinn said, “the male Turbesan’s penis is still extremely receptive to stimulation despite being an undersized and largely residual organ.”

Quinn was a New Earthling and, together with his Allurian wife, Xindra, instructed this course. The two of them were an example of an interracial couple who’d made it work and found something wonderful together. Katra didn’t want to admit it, even to herself, but she was jealous of them.

“So the male never penetrates the female?” Spri, one of the other students, sounded bemused.

Xindra, who wore her dark purple hair pinned up this evening, fielded the question. “That’s right. Fertilization for Turbesan couples is completely external, although both sexes can still enjoy orgasm even if the female isn’t ready to ovulate.”

The couple certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves right now. Katra fought the urge to glance over at Krux, the four-armed Brachoi student, to see what he thought of the show. The insufferable male probably thought he could do better if only he could jump in and take control. He was a typical corporate executive from his neatly trimmed red-black hair to his shiny shoes. Katra suspected he believed he knew better about everything, and he had a commanding air that could easily make blind followers out of anybody. Fortunately, she wasn’t just anybody.

Keeping her eyes glued to the scene in front of her, she watched in envy as the models’ faces flushed and their bodies seized. Almona, the female Turbesan, gave a throaty cry as she climaxed, while her partner ejaculated a cloud of sperm into the water. It was one of the most unusual sexual practices she’d ever witnessed, but as far as she was concerned, they had it easy.

Katra had originally signed up for this course as a lark. She was bored, and this was something interesting to do. At least, that’s what she’d told herself, but she was beginning to realize she was really here in search of something. Despite the hard, realistic view she held of the world, she still secretly hoped to find a solution to her own sexual…problem. Not really her problem, but that of her inadequate partners.

Of course, if she was being completely honest with herself, then she had to acknowledge that sex wasn’t the only issue on board. Relationships in general were. She’d recognized that when one of her classmates, Trett, had modeled with his Oquaran girlfriend. As Katra had listened to Mera talk about her bad experiences with alien males and her relief at finding a suitable partner, Katra had felt the first glimmer of longing she’d experienced in a long time. That’s what she really wanted: a partner—someone who could match her both inside and outside the bedroom. She was forty-one years old, and she’d never had that.

“All right, everyone,” Quinn concluded. “If there aren’t any more questions, then we’ll call it a night. See you next week.”

Everyone stood, and several people started for the door. Katra saw Zeo sidle up next to young, timid Pixie and watched the girl dart a quick glance at him through her lashes and blush. Almost everybody here had figured out that the intense Nimanian male was walking the New Earthling home after every class. It was also clear the girl was attracted to him, although she was skittish. Katra worried for her. Pixie seemed far too fragile and innocent for a man like Zeo.

Benni wasn’t here tonight, but Whitt, who paid on a class by class basis, had returned. He planned to join the regular after-class crowd—Spri, Krux, her, and occasionally Glynn—at a nearby sports bar. Since their first week as students, they’d fallen into this routine, and it was something Katra secretly looked forward to. It would have been a perfect way to relax if only she could have ditched Krux. That man set her teeth on edge.

“Katra’Ruma,” Xindra said before she could exit. The lovely Allurian drew closer. “Are you still all set for next week? We’ve confirmed the arrangement with the guys. You’ll be with Whitt, Glynn, and Varion.”

Katra turned to look for Varion and caught a last glimpse of his backside as he left. She didn’t know the shape-shifting Multan well—he’d just joined their class since Trett had left an open seat—but he seemed nice enough. He was also easy on the eyes in all the colors and physical alterations she’d seen him adopt. As far as she was concerned, that was all that mattered for this. She sincerely doubted any of the three males, or even the combination of them, would bring her much pleasure.

“That’s fine.” She returned a dismissive wave of her hand. “I look forward to some martial arts training in trade.”

Xindra was a martial arts instructor, and her husband worked as a personal trainer most of the year. They’d offered free lessons as compensation to all the models.

“I do too.” Xindra’s smile appeared genuine. “You’re already fierce, and something tells me you’ll learn fast.”

Tickled by the compliment, Katra thanked the woman and left. Perhaps she could learn a move that would allow her to drop Krux on his arrogant ass. That would be fun.

“Speak of the devil,” she muttered, stealing another culture’s saying.

When she reached the outer doors to the large gym that housed their classroom, she found him lounging against the front with all his arms crossed. He must have been out in the sun lately because she swore his light cherry skin was even redder than usual. She expected to see the others congregated nearby, but they were nowhere in sight.

“Ready?” he demanded as she came out. “The others went on ahead.”

Katra sniffed. “You needn’t have waited. I think I can find my way down the street all by myself.”

His burnt-sienna eyes, fringed with thick black lashes, studied her with an amused twinkle. “And miss your sunny disposition? I don’t think I could bear it. Besides, a woman shouldn’t be walking alone after dark. Trilanta’s streets can be dangerous.”

Walking past him, she headed down the street, knowing he’d fall in beside her. With his longer gait, he managed it in two steps.

“So you intend to protect me?” Her haughty tone said just what she thought about that. “How high-handed of you. Whatever made you think I can’t take care of myself?”

He shot her a conceited grin. “You’ll like having me take care of you. I’m a handy guy.”

Katra barely managed to turn her laugh into an inelegant snort. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he’d amused her.

“Har-har,” she retorted instead. “Where do you get that razor-sharp wit? It’s positively stupefying.”

“Come back to my place tonight. You’ll enjoy more than my wit.”

It wasn’t the first time he’d propositioned her. In fact, he’d done it every week since they’d met despite the fact that she always turned him down flat.

She released a deliberate sigh. “Don’t you learn?”

“I’m a fast learner. Give me a chance, and I’ll quickly discover what makes a woman like you go wild. You won’t be so prickly after a night of good loving.”

His arrogance knew no bounds.

“Oh, please. I doubt you could satisfy me.” Sadly, she meant it.

Unfortunately, he took this as a challenge. His voice, already so masculine, dropped to a deeper rumble. “Dozens of women would tell you differently.”

“That’s because you sleep with virgins. The poor girls don’t know any better.”

They reached the entrance to the sports bar.

“I’ve only initiated seven virgins,” he growled, betraying the first hint of temper in his voice.

Katra always managed to tease it out of him eventually, although he still held the door for her. He just yanked it open a bit more forcefully than necessary.

“So much for dozens then.” She deliberately provoked him as she walked inside. Spotting the other students at a high table, she headed toward them.

“The remaining balance consisted of experienced females,” he retorted. He used the same tone he might have adopted when talking about a financial deal. Then one corner of his mouth kicked up. “What’s the matter? Are you jealous, Katra?”

She bristled at the suggestion as well as the familiar use of her name. Only her Duosien family ever used the abbreviation. It was considered intimate. Although he feigned ignorance, she was sure the infuriating Brachoi knew this.

“I know it’s a lot of syllables for you, Krux, but you might try sounding it out. I’m Katra’Ruma to you or, if you can’t manage that, Ms. ti Sala.”

Her full name, as she’d already told him several times, was Wi’Yalu bu Pol ti Sala Katra’Ruma, but she’d shortened it to make things simpler when dealing with other races. Like any Duosien, though, what the other races called a surname came first, and the so-called given name followed.

He stroked his chin thoughtfully with one hand. “No. I still like Katra better.”

She resisted the urge to snarl in fury.

“Are you two at it again?” Whitt asked.

The table was pushed up against the wall with Whitt and Spri sitting on one side and Glynn positioned at the free end. That left two seats on the other side, so Katra had no choice but to sit next to the intolerable Brachoi. She choked back a put-upon sigh.

“Katra’s jealous of my many lovers,” Krux told them. “She wants me all to herself.”

This time she couldn’t bite back a hiss. “You haven’t got a chance with me.”

“Such a biting tongue. Temper is just another outlet for passion. My Katra is a woman of deep passions.” His sharply cut features remained confident and composed.

She saw red, and she didn’t mean his ruby-tinged skin. “I’m not yours, you overbearing brute. The only feeling you ignite in me is intense irritation.”

“See how she fights her attraction to me?” he asked.

Swallowing the foul words that wanted to fly out of her mouth, Katra pulled up the menu onscreen just as a waitress swung by their table. Although she enjoyed trying new foods, she didn’t see anything here except fried and crumb-encrusted blandness. She’d stick with a drink—a big one.

“So,” Spri said carefully, obviously trying to lighten the atmosphere once their orders arrived. “That was some class, wasn’t it?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Whitt shook his head in amazement. “On the one hand, I can see where there’s equality in the Turbesan arrangement. Both partners wind up satisfied, and they have to share the responsibility of any possible pregnancy, so to speak. On the other hand, I can’t help but think they’re missing out on some of the fun. Hand jobs are nice, but there’s no substitute for full-out sex.”

“It might be a case of not missing what you’ve never had,” Krux pointed out.

“Like with virgins,” Katra almost muttered, but she didn’t want him to misconstrue the barb as evidence of jealousy.

Spri looked pensive. “The Turbesans are another example of a race that faces difficulties mating outside their own people. Neither the males nor the females are built for coitus—something a non-Turbesan would expect in a romantic relationship. It’s the same thing with the Oquarans. They’re so sensitive, a single thrust is enough to finish them, and too much movement beyond that becomes painful.”

“It’s never easy when you’re among people who don’t understand your needs.” Glynn spoke in his usual sober tone. “You end up feeling like the alien, and that’s never good for a relationship. Frankly, I envy Cras and Almona. They seem to have it easy.”

Katra looked at Glynn and caught his eye, seeing something in his gaze that made her think they had a lot more in common than she’d thought. The Semhym male always appeared to be in a dour mood, but perhaps that was because he, too, was suffering in his private life. Although she hadn’t given much thought to him beyond his acceptable appearance, she suddenly felt better about her plans to sleep with him as a model next class.

“You only say that because we all saw them together as they are now,” Krux broke in. “We have no idea what troubles they might have overcome to find each other and form a relationship. It’s easy to look at a happy freeze frame of someone’s life and assume that’s the whole of it.”

“Says the man who presents himself in nothing but tailored business suits,” Katra said snidely. “Trying to look like president of the board even here?”

His eyes narrowed, but to her frustration, he smiled. “The suit comes off.”

She took a big gulp of her drink.

Half an hour later, the group was still chatting, although things were winding down. She and Krux still got in the occasional jab at one another, but that was routine. Glynn was the first to leave, and the rest of them started to break up after that.

Heading outside to the curb, she was dismayed to find the annoying Brachoi at her heels. “Stalking me now?”

“Keeping you company until your ride gets here,” he replied. “I assume you told your driver to pick you up here?”

She nodded but couldn’t come up with a suitable comeback. The drink she’d had made her feel mellower than usual.

He stood facing her. “Why don’t you come home with me instead? You’ll have a lot more fun with me than with an empty bed.”

“It’s a toss-up,” she dared to say.

By the way his eyes darkened, she knew she’d pushed his button.

“Stubborn female. You can’t fight the attraction between us forever.”

Katra scoffed. “Save your space waste. I’m not attracted to you in the least. I—” She didn’t have time to say more.

He was such a large, muscular man she’d never thought he could move so fast. One second he was glowering at her, and the next he had her pinned. Two of his hands cupped her hips, a third slid up her back, and the last palmed her nape to hold her still. Her lips parted in surprise, which was all the invitation he seemed to need to swipe his tongue inside. She was suddenly inundated with the spicy, intoxicating scent and taste of him and the heat of his fingers on her body.

In an instant, all her anger and frustration morphed into sheer, unadulterated lust. Her hormones flooded her in a rush of heat, and she went damp between her legs. Despite his firm grip, Krux kept the pressure of his lips remarkably gentle, but it wasn’t enough. Katra threw her arms around his neck and thrust out her tongue to catch him behind his front teeth. They both groaned together, adding another slosh of fuel to their sensual fire.

He took the kiss deeper. In the same instant, she felt his hands tighten on her hips, and she willingly closed the distance so they were pressed against each other. His erection felt like a hot length of pipe even through his fancy pinstripe pants. She bit his lower lip, and then he nibbled on the corner of her mouth.

He drew back an inch. “Come home with me. Let me show you what a real male can do for you. I’ll give you everything you need.”

She blinked. Her senses were so full of him, her vision so enthralled by the deepening hue of his skin, that it took a second for his words to register. When they did, she felt a spark of annoyance.

“Looks like you have more than one swelled head,” she replied with a meaningful glance at his crotch. “I recommend a cold shower.”

“Katra.” He invested her name with a wealth of warning.

She ignored him as her driver pulled up to the curb and opened the door for her. Feeling more shaken than she cared to admit, Katra didn’t turn to look at him when she climbed inside. It was a struggle to keep her eyes front as they pulled away.

* * * *

“Stubborn, impossible woman.” Krux muttered the refrain for the hundredth time the next week, but he said it without venom and eventually began to smirk.

He was a man who went after what he wanted until he got it, and what he wanted now was Katra—his lovely Ms. Wi’Yalu bu Pol ti Sala Katra’Ruma. The woman drove him insane. She made him want to pull his hair out and howl in frustration. With her golden-brown skin, wavy chocolate hair, and long legs, she made him want to drill himself into her until she was hoarse from her screams of pleasure.

She thought him arrogant, which he admitted he was, but he was also a good judge of character. If she’d truly been disinterested, he would never have asked her out twice, but he saw the gleam in her eye whenever she looked at him. She probably wasn’t even aware of that tell. Certainly she’d deny it if he called her on it. Whether she knew it or not, she wanted—no, needed him. She was such a strong, fierce woman she needed a man with an equally dominant personality to match her. A lesser male would become putty in her hands, and she’d eventually lose respect for him.

Krux had no intention of playing submissive with her. He wasn’t out to break her, though. Her independence and spirit were what drew him to her. No, a firm hand could be gentle, but it still needed to be firm. However long it took, he would seduce Katra until she was lying beneath him, her legs spread to accept his plundering girth. The thought alone warmed his skin to a darker crimson.

“The conference is all set up for tomorrow,” his assistant announced, breaking into his lascivious train of thought. “Yun, Bradley, and Hew are sending over the quarterly report tomorrow morning. They apologized again for the delay. You’re also scheduled for a lunch meeting with Zenshaw.”

“Good work.” Krux glanced at the nearest clock and realized it was time for him to leave for his class. “Go ahead and close down.”

His company had everyone working overtime so they could try out a new four-day work week. Personally, he wasn’t sure what he thought of it yet, but his office was closer to the gym than his home was. That’s why he showed up at class in the business suits Katra liked to tease him about.

Shutting down his computer, he locked up his office and headed for the elevator. Although he worked on the thirtieth floor, the trip down only took about fifteen seconds. He stepped off in the underground parking garage and walked to his personal vehicle. Unlike his Duosien princess, he didn’t hire a driver to chauffeur him around.

Fifteen minutes later, he got lucky and found a decent parking space only six blocks from the gym—close by Trilanta’s standards. He hoofed it the rest of the way and was surprised at what he found when he entered the classroom. Spri, Zeo, Pixie, and Benni were the only ones fully dressed and seated. Glynn, Whitt, and the new Multan student, Varion, walked in from the locker room area wearing robes.

Krux remembered he hadn’t checked to see what tonight’s topic was. He’d been so preoccupied with work he hadn’t gotten around to it. Glancing at the display screen up front, he saw the title: Duosien Sexuality and Interracial Relations. In that same moment, Katra strutted in wearing a short, silky robe.

His mood turned thunderous, and his blood began to boil. Prowling over, he crowded her in three long strides. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

She tilted her chin in that haughty way she had that made him want to kiss her feet and spank her at the same time. “I’m modeling.”

“With all of them? With Whitt? He’s nearly half your age.”

“Jealous?” She just had to throw that back in his face.

Krux ground his teeth, unwilling to admit that he was. Such a petty emotion was beneath him, as was the hint of hurt he felt that she’d picked the other men over him. He’d known from the beginning she wasn’t an easy woman.

“Hardly,” he drawled. “He’s too young for you.”

“You’re younger than me,” she pointed out.

“Only by two years. And what about Varion? You don’t even know him.”

“He’s handsome enough.”

Although he desperately wanted to reach out and shake her, he resisted the urge. Instead, he drew on his self-control and evaluated his options. He could continue to kick up a fuss, let her get under his skin, and thus give her the upper hand. Or he could use this to his advantage.

“Very well, Katra,” he said, changing tactics. “If this is what you want, then by all means play with these boys. I’ll sit back and learn from them. That way I’ll be ready for you when you finally admit you need a real man to please you. After all, it’s not a hardship to see you stripped naked and panting before me.” He made sure to slide his gaze over her from head to toe, letting her feel that he was peeling her robe off with his eyes.

She tilted her chin even higher—something he was fast learning was a defensive gesture. “Try not to drool on your precious tie.” Then, not one to flounce, she glided with the grace of a queen up to the demonstration table.

Krux took his seat and braced himself for the hell to come.

“Good evening, everyone,” Xindra greeted them. “Tonight we’ll be exploring Duosien sexuality. As you can see, a few of your classmates have been kind enough to volunteer as models.”

“We’ve already addressed the Allurian male in our first class, and we’ll be coming back to Semhyms and Multans later in the course,” Quinn continued. “For now, suffice it to say that these races do have intercourse with penetration, and their external equipment is basically the same as New Earthling men. Let’s start with the anatomy of the female Duosien.”

Krux had to work hard to keep his expression impassive as Katra untied the sash of her robe and slid the slick material off her shoulders. She let it puddle on the ground with a negligent shrug and stared at him boldly. He hardly dared to breathe. Her nipples looked like round dollops of creamy chocolate—sweets begging for the touch of an appreciative tongue. She must sunbathe in the nude too, because there wasn’t a single change of shade in the smooth, baked skin of her body. The thought of sunlight kissing her naked physique made his erection kick up until it tented his pants. He parted his legs farther, making sure she could see it.

Although Katra’s eyes only flicked down briefly, he swore her cheeks grew a touch rosier. His gaze traveled a similar path, and he was pleased to see she didn’t shave. Although a lot of men seemed to prefer bare genitals, he’d always enjoyed the raw earthiness of a woman’s pelt. Her furry thatch was just a tad darker than the locks on her head.

“If you look at the diagram onscreen,” Xindra said, “you’ll see the same internal structures we’ve seen in the females we’ve already covered. The cervix attaches the vagina to the uterus, which in turn is connected to the fallopian tubes.”

Quinn slid the medical scanner in range and turned it on, displaying an internal image of Katra’s pelvic region. Krux listened with half an ear as the instructors took turns pointing out her internal parts. Unless he was mistaken, most of those areas were already partially engorged with blood, although her face remained as placid as ever.

Xindra’s next statement regained his full attention. “Here’s where Duosien females are unique. While the tissue behind the pubic bone does swell to produce a tighter fit against a penis, this area is not as rich in nerve endings as the urethral sponge of other females. There are only two small points—what amount to two G-spots—along the anterior vaginal wall that have sufficient responsiveness to induce orgasm. In fact, if these areas are left un-stimulated by direct and persistent contact, it is impossible for a Duosien woman to climax—not by any other external or internal manipulation.”

“Duosien females can’t masturbate?” Benni asked in surprise.

“No.” Katra’s tone was matter-of-fact. “We can attempt it with a dildo, but it’s hard to get the right angle. Even if we manage it, we’re unable to maintain the necessary rhythm and pressure while reacting to such sensory overload.”

Xindra elaborated. “The orgasmic T-spots—short for trigger spots—are far more sensitive than the G-spots of the other races. The two spots are stacked vertically inside the sheath about two inches apart, with the first located just a few inches from the opening of the vagina. They’re slightly raised, and some describe them as heart-shaped, although they’re not as clearly delineated as you might think. Duosien men are trained from puberty to aim for these spots during intercourse. Despite their reputation for stamina, however, many lack the control to maintain a rhythm, last long enough, or keep their partner in the necessary position. It’s said that even experienced females react violently to well-placed stimulation of the T-spots and can inadvertently throw their lover off before reaching orgasm.”

“That’s why it’s considered acceptable practice for Duosien females to take multiple lovers at a time.” Katra managed to sound bored. “If one can’t finish the job, another steps in, and so on.”

Trying to ignore the rocket launcher poised to go off in his pants, Krux returned a thoughtful scowl. “Have you ever had an orgasm?”

“Of course.” Her jaw flexed in obvious irritation.

“How many males do you require to satisfy you?”

He should have been repulsed by the idea of other men taking her. Instead, the vision of her so lusty she had to have men lined up outside her door made him crazed. He had to breathe carefully to keep his skin from darkening to a telltale red.

“A minimum of three,” she answered without inflection. “On occasion, I’ve taken as many as six, but those cases involved less experienced males.”

The men who’d volunteered to model exchanged a look.

Picking up the lecture, Xindra finished with a tour of the Duosien vulva, whose components were the same as New Earthling and Allurian genitalia. As was custom, the class was then invited to the front of the room to touch. Krux purposefully took his time strolling up to the hand sanitizer and getting in line.

Pixie asked a few questions before moving along, and for once Zeo refrained from giving anything but a brief glance. Spri conducted an external exam, while Benni inserted one finger for a more in-depth investigation.

“Feels the same as mine,” the two women concluded with a laugh.

Krux was next, and he stared hard at Katra’s face, daring her to meet his gaze as he stood between her parted legs. Never one to disappoint him, she glared back at him down the length of her upturned nose. He cupped her boldly.

“Do you enjoy having someone strum your clit?” He swirled the pad of his thumb over the precious bud.

Her nostrils flared. “By some men,” she bit out, but she sounded a touch breathless.

He shoved one blunt finger into her and felt his spine tingle at just how tightly she gripped him. “How long has it been for you? How long since you last took a lover?”

“None of your business.”

Krux made sure his expression reflected both hunger and amusement. “I’m only asking for educational purposes. You’re very hot. Very tight.”

Although she tried to hide it, she was definitely breathing harder now. He was also pleased by just how wet she was. She was growing slicker by the second. Crooking his finger, he raked the front wall of her vagina.

“Am I getting close?” He studied her face while he searched for the right spot—one of two that could trigger her orgasm.

She bit her lip, which was the first sign of indecision he’d ever seen from her. “You’re close. A little deeper and…oh!”

Even without her exclamation, he would have known he’d found it. Her whole body flinched in reaction to that single touch. If she could have pulled away without making an obvious retreat, she probably would have. The spot was subtle, but he could just make out how the smooth, cream-covered interior rose like a small hill under his fingertip. He decided to play with her.

“Have I found it, Katra?” He rubbed a deep circle over the patch of responsive tissue. “Have I found that sweet, special spot inside you? Is this what you need?”

Her eyes darkened and her lips parted on a sigh. “Yes.”

“Good.” With that one smugly delivered word, he withdrew.

A flush of anger flared in her cheeks, but she bit back whatever scathing remark she clearly wanted to let fly. Krux returned to his seat and put on a politely attentive expression.

The instructors, who he already knew were smart, didn’t miss the interaction. He saw Xindra look from him to Katra and back again before clearing her throat.

“All right, class,” she said, “we will now see Duosien intercourse. As always, the full-body scanner will display the internal mechanics on the screen above. We’ll start with Whitt in what Allurians call second position or New Earthlings refer to as the missionary position. Varion will follow, and then Glynn, by request, will finish last. Let’s begin.”

Krux tugged at his pant leg in an attempt to adjust his crotch. Up front, the models dropped their robes and lined up at the foot of the demonstration table. Despite their attention-grabbing erections, his gaze remained firmly rooted on Katra. She looked like the embodiment of all things feminine and alluring as she lay on her back with one hand resting casually next to her cheek. Even in this, she had a natural talent for striking a pose.

The young, blue-haired Allurian climbed up on the table with her and slid over her body so they were face-to-face. His pale hide was a fascinating foil to her richer skin. Krux stared at the other man’s hand as he slipped it slowly from her thigh to her breast.

“Are you ready?” he heard Whitt ask her.

She returned a single nod, like an aristocrat giving a servant permission to proceed. Then she bent her legs to hug the Allurian’s hips as he reached down to position himself and slowly shoved in. Whitt’s groan reverberated through the room.

“Okay?” he asked.

Katra graced the boy with a small smile. “Nice. I can feel the hard bridges along your shaft.”

As she’d no doubt intended, her words obviously gave her partner the reassurance he was looking for. Without another word, Whitt drew back and began to thrust.

It was like watching a sword match: parry, retreat, lunge, dance back. Based on her rosy cheeks and heavier breathing, Krux could tell she was enjoying the act, but her reactions were completely disproportionate to her partner’s. After maybe a hundred strokes, Whitt’s face was sweaty and blotched, and he started to break his rhythm. The Allurian managed a couple dozen more incursions before he simply couldn’t hold out anymore. With an agonized cry, Whitt seized up and began to pump his seed inside her.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered once he could draw out.

“Not your fault.” Ever gracious, Katra patted him on the cheek, but Krux could hear the hint of dismay in her voice.

Varion, their new Multan student, was the next model. No doubt attempting to please her, he discarded his pale ocher complexion and angular features to morph into a male version of her. His skin turned the same toasty rich hue, while the structure of his face became more finely detailed and less harsh. Kneeling on the table, he swept his arms under her legs and pushed them back toward her chest. Varion cast her an enthusiastic smile before aligning his erection with her opening and sinking in.

“Very nice,” he whispered after pressing in to the hilt.

She smiled back at him indulgently while he started to take her with deep, jolting strokes.

Krux gave the man credit for lasting longer than young Whitt. The Multan still couldn’t outlast her, though. With a curse of self-disgust, Varion peaked, balling her under him as he climaxed inside her body. When he was done, he kissed the back of her hand in apology and climbed off.

“As you can see,” Quinn remarked as the next model took his place, “the difficulty in making a Duosien female come can be a source of frustration and embarrassment. This is especially true if the partners aren’t aware of their physiological differences beforehand. Whitt and Varion here did a more than respectable job. Even experienced Duosiens have need of standbys.”

Krux couldn’t hear what the Semhym male said to Katra, but he watched as she rolled over and let Glynn cover her from behind. By this time, she was overflowing from the other men’s releases, so the last model slid in completely without resistance. Glynn didn’t bother with unnecessary preliminaries. He began thrusting at full depth and speed right away. The smack of skin filled the air, seeming to count off the seconds as they went at it.

Glynn grunted as he adjusted his hips. “Is this angle better?”

She shook her head. “The first was better.”

“Am I hitting the right spots?”

Katra grimaced. “You’re sliding over them, but you’re not making direct contact.”

Her partner kept trying.

Krux watched her react every time those nerves took a glancing blow. Unfortunately, he could see the contact was too sporadic to get even close to tipping her over. He should have been pleased that no one seemed able to satisfy her, but instead his heart softened just a little. Her expression was swiftly growing bored and more than a little…lost. Surprisingly, Glynn didn’t look much different.

Quinn didn’t seem to know how much longer to let this go on. He coughed into his hand. “We’re almost out of time.”

Katra glanced over her shoulder at her partner, and they exchanged sad, self-mocking smiles. Without a word, Glynn pulled out and helped her sit up. Neither of them had climaxed.



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