Alien Sex 103

Alien Sex Ed

Allie Ritch


Chapter 1

Bend It Like Benni

Still grinding to the pumping beat of the music, Benni gazed across the club’s crowded dance floor and licked her lips. Her eyes cruised up and down the sexy hunk of male flesh that had just arrived. The flashing lights and holo-projections made his ivory skin look almost translucent, like fine porcelain. As an orange-haired Flexian, Benni was pretty pale herself, but where her skin was peppered with multicolored freckles, his was spotless. His hair was jet black and spiked with gel, and his dark eyebrows balanced his high laser-cut cheekbones and wide nose. Beneath those brows, his almond-shaped eyes—a rich emerald green—searched the gyrating mass of dancers until they locked on to her.

Although she’d never seen him wear this face before, she knew him instantly. After all, they were lovers. They were also students in an adult Sex Ed course that covered anatomy, cultural practices, and relationships between the different alien races. There were a lot of races to learn about here in Trilanta—a city located on the travel-hub planet of the same name. As a Multan, Varion belonged to one of the more interesting ones. He could change his skin tone and other superficial features at will, but there was no hiding his six-foot-plus, hefty frame. He was a big man in every way, though not soft. Every inch of him was bulked with muscle, even if he sometimes chose to conceal the telltale ripples of definition.

Tonight, he looked like a street fighter, fully ripped and advertising it with a sleeveless shirt and black jeans. His gaze never left hers as he stalked closer. Gone was any trace of laugh lines or a playful smile. This man had only one thing on his mind.

“Hey there, gorgeous,” he said in a rich baritone.

The sound of his voice vibrated through her more than the bass beat of the song.

She pretended not to recognize him. “Hey yourself, stranger. You want to dance with me?”

“I could watch you move your body all night,” he told her, “but I had something more strenuous in mind.”

Benni lowered her lashes coyly. “I don’t know. ‘Strenuous’ sounds like work. I’m here to have fun.”

“What if I promise you a good time?”

“How good?” she challenged him.

“Enough to make your toes curl.”

Her skin turned feverish, and she felt a warm gush between her legs. Still, it never paid to play it too easy.

“That good, huh?” She danced close enough to rub herself against one of his brawny thighs. “Maybe you’re just bragging.”

His lips twitched. “I can prove it.”

“Promises, promises.”

Clutching her hips, he pulled her right up against his body. Benni could feel the hard ridge of his erection behind his fly, as well as the flex of his muscles as he walked backward. She stayed with him step for step. It wasn’t quite a dance—his body remained too tightly coiled for that—but their movements were so perfectly synchronized it made little difference. When they reached the edge of the dance floor, he took her hand and led her down the short, dark hallway in back.

There was a line outside the women’s bathroom, but that didn’t stop them. With a quick tug, he pulled her into the men’s room and headed for the nearest stall. The only other guy in there was occupied with his back to them and didn’t even notice their entry.

An instant later, they were out of sight anyway. Varion’s green gaze zeroed in on her the moment he locked the stall door behind them. The narrow space was filled to capacity with his beefy frame, but that only made Benni more aware of him—his heat, his musky scent, the way he looked at her like he’d eat her alive. Neither of them wanted any distance right now.

He didn’t waste time. Varion crowded her back against the side of the stall. In a single motion, he pulled her stretch top down to pop her bare breasts free and dove for her nipple. His lips latched on and suckled while his teeth grazed and nibbled in an aggressive attack that had her writhing. Although she knew she was small-busted, Benni felt like she swelled two cup-sizes bigger under his mouth.

Cool air hit the tops of her thighs, and she gasped when she felt his hot hands fisted in her skirt. Within seconds, he had the material bunched over her hips, her skimpy underwear all that separated her butt from the wall behind her. He sawed his blunt finger back and forth over the moist, cloth-covered slit between her legs while he kept his other hand busy opening his fly.

As soon as he popped the seal, his dusky erection leaped out of his pants, as tall and bulky as the rest of him. The tip was already coated in precum.

“Time to curl those toes,” he warned her.

He hiked up her right leg and shackled her ankle. With a brutal jerk, he swung it upward until she was doing a standing split still facing him. She wound up with her right foot next to her head and her left on the bathroom floor. Any other woman would have screamed in agony, but Benni just hissed in anticipation. Flexians were a race capable of contorting into a variety of positions without pain, and Varion knew it. In fact, the darkening of his eyes told her just how much her flexibility turned him on.

Reaching down, he shoved aside the crotch of her panties and set his broad cock against her opening. Shivers racked her as he held there for a moment, anointing the crown with her nectar and melting her with his heat. Then he kissed her with bruising force to muffle her scream as he thrust all the way in with one swift uppercut.

Cleaved, all she could do was breathe through the shock of pleasure, which wasn’t easy with his tongue in her mouth. They were both panting like they’d just outrun the code patrol—something they might have to do if they were caught having sex in a public bathroom.

Benni flinched when the door to the restroom banged open and several rowdy males walked inside. Instead of soothing her or waiting for them to leave, Varion broke the kiss. He kept her upraised leg in place by leaning into it with his forearm as he replaced his lips with his hand. He wasn’t gentle. Drawing back his hips, he rammed forward to the hilt, making her squeal. The noise was muffled by his warm palm over her mouth.

Someone flushed outside, while others ran water in the sinks, and the men kept talking. Varion pawed her breast and gave her nipple a tweak that vibrated all the way down to her womb. Not letting up in the least, he reamed her again. And again, and again.

Withdraw, punch; withdraw, punch. He set up a hard, driving rhythm and quickly hastened it. Within seconds, he was pounding her continuously, causing the flimsy stall to shimmy around them. The sinks turned off, and a guy laughed on the other side of the door. Had someone noticed? Benni wasn’t certain, but she didn’t have enough wits left to worry about it. She was creaming so hard she was sure Varion’s balls were glossy with it.

Then he let go of her breast to grab the back of her left thigh. He pulled the leg she was standing on out from under her and hooked it over his hip so fast she never had the chance to fall. His grip shifted to her butt to hold her up. She was helpless—pinned by his strong hands and massive cock, one leg still flat against the wall and the other wrapped around one of his churning hips. Her sheath rippled in delight, and her nipples tightened. She looked at his face.

He was a picture of savage sexuality, all straining pleasure and terrible power. His pale skin had turned blotchy red with his exertion, and his eyes were narrowed to slits. Benni could see a large vein pulsing furiously in the side of his neck.

Varion continued to batter her from the inside out. The depth with which he took her made her eyes water. Ah, gods, it was happening. The pleasure was deep and dark, and it felt like it had teeth. She was coming … coming…

“Mmm!” She screamed behind his palm.

Her climax howled through her, making her clamp down on his cock and suckle it with strong, demanding pulls. He was so hefty he stretched her orgasm bigger and wider.

Drilling her with a series of staccato thrusts, he joined her at the peak. She felt the wash of his steamy cum as he arched his back and released: one pulse … two … three. It took a minute, but he at last spent the last of his seed. He sighed in satisfaction, and his penis softened inside her.

Aftershocks lit up her sheath when he lowered her feet to the floor. The moment he pulled free, he tore off a length of toilet paper and pressed it between her legs to catch the spillage. For some reason, that act of consideration felt more intimate than anything they’d just done. It made Benni blush.

Withdrawing his hand, he slipped the crotch of her panties back into place. He helped tug her top up to cover her rosy breasts and lowered her skirt. Looking down, Varion then cleaned himself and tucked his sated member back into his pants.

His grin was smug. “So, did I deliver on my promise?”

Pleased, she winked at him. “You always do, Varion.”

His grin remained in place as his skin darkened to a coffee tone, his eyes turned blue, and his hair paled to an ashy color. She never grew tired of seeing him change like that, which was why she’d dated him longer than any other male before him.


Varion loved the way Benni’s gaze ate him up whenever he altered his appearance. No matter how vigorous their lovemaking, that look alone could make him hard all over again. The fact that he could bend her body and take her almost any way he wanted only made it better. He’d discovered early in adult life that he got off harder when he could contort his partners into less traditional positions. Benni was the first Flexian he’d slept with, but he’d quickly learned her race’s physiology suited his desires perfectly.

At five-foot-nothing, his petite lover would have appeared fragile if not for her lean muscles and unceasing energy. She made him feel enormous and strong, yet she formed a perfect vise around his cock when he took her. She accepted even his roughest pounding with ecstatic screams. They’d been sleeping together for about two months now, and her nubile body still drove him crazy.

“That was fun.” She smiled up at him with twinkling turquoise eyes.

Not sure what possessed him, he reached out to stroke her hair. The carroty locks were so bright they should have hurt his eyes, and he swore he felt those flaming orange strands singe his fingertips.

“We always have fun,” he answered huskily.

Taking her hand, he turned to crack open the stall door and confirmed that the bathroom was now empty. Seconds before his orgasm had exploded out of him, he’d vaguely registered the sound of the door closing and the voices of the other patrons disappearing.

“All clear.” He stepped out and pulled her after him.

A few women glanced at them with arched eyebrows when they walked into the hallway, but he was happy to see Benni ignored them. He took her out on the dance floor just in time for a slow number.

“So.” She snuggled close with her arms around his neck. “Where to tomorrow night?”

Grinning down at her, he thought quickly. Both of them liked to play games, but they’d just about exhausted public role-playing picking each other up at bars and clubs. It was time for something a little different.

“They just upgraded the zero-g laser tag arcade downtown,” he replied. “Want to hook up there?”

Her face lit up like a happy child’s. “Stellar! Let’s say around seven.”

When he nodded, she smacked her lips against his and then held the kiss until the song had faded. Reluctantly, they pulled apart for air.

He had to clear his throat. “Tomorrow night then.”

She gave his butt a squeeze when he turned to leave.

Feigning a scowl, he wagged his finger at her, but he burst out laughing as he headed for the door. As far as he was concerned, she could grope anything she liked, just as long as it was attached to him. They’d been exclusive for the past three weeks, ever since Benni had broken up with a guy who was getting too clingy. Before that, they’d kept their relationship open and had mostly gotten together after the Sex Ed class they attended one night a week.

Xindra and Quinn, the couple who taught the course, focused on respect and education, but there was no denying parts of their class were arousing. Students were encouraged to participate in live sex demonstrations—a hands-on way to show racial and cultural differences in lovemaking, as well as technique. Varion had slept with another classmate, Katra’Ruma, as part of such a demo, but Benni was the only woman he was really interested in. What had begun as just scratching a mutual itch after class had quickly become something more. Although he usually enjoyed keeping his options open, Varion liked it this way. He liked having Benni all to himself.

After catching public transport home, he returned to his loft apartment. In keeping with his lifestyle, his place was urban, comfortable, and completely eclectic. Although he appreciated nice things, he didn’t care to fuss. He wasn’t about to blow all his earnings on furniture when he could spend his pay on recreation and vacations. Like zero-g laser tag and possibly taking his Flexian lover out of town for a dirty weekend.

Kicking off his shoes, he walked over to the oversized vid screen hanging on his living room wall. A tiny indicator light let him know he had a message waiting, but the ping of an incoming call intruded before he could check it. He glanced at the ID and quickly shifted to white blond hair and gray eyes when he caught who was calling. Opening the link, he faced his boss—his real boss, not the guy he pretended to work for.

Despite his unusual choice of professions, Varion was still entitled to his free time. Having his boss call this late was a bit annoying, although he knew better than to let that irritation show. Varion greeted him in monotone.

“Mr. Vip.”

“Mr. Chanj,” his boss replied. “Why didn’t you report in today?”

Varion’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “I usually report to you at the end of the week. You’re early.”

“Willyem Gor is up to something.” Vip drummed his fingers against the top of his desk, a sure sign that he wasn’t happy. “He’s up to something big, and I want to know what it is immediately. It’s your job to keep me informed.”

“Like I said, you’re early.” Unfazed, Varion responded calmly. “You’re right that something’s up, but I don’t know what it is yet. Willyem is playing this one close to the vest. Tomorrow afternoon, he wants me and the other top executives of Gor and Tabbler at an offsite meeting. His driver is picking us up, and he plans to discuss the details with us on the way there.”


Varion shrugged. “Unavoidable. I’ll be able to tell you more on Friday.”

“Tomorrow,” Vip insisted. “You’ll call me tomorrow night and tell me everything that goes on at that meeting.”

“Sir, I have plans—”

“Tomorrow.” His boss disconnected.

“Well, damn,” Varion muttered, feeling put upon.

When he’d first taken this job, he’d thought the cloaking device and dagger stuff was exciting, like an action vid. He’d had no idea so much of it would become so boring. Now this felt like … work. And it was intruding on his personal life, too. Since he had no idea how long this mysterious meeting would take, it could be late by the time he got back and reported to cranky Mr. Vip. He was going to have to cancel on Benni or risk standing her up.

Sighing, he patched through a call to her and was unsurprised when he had to leave a message. She was probably still at the club, moving that flexible body of hers all over the dance floor. Just the memory of it had him breaking out in a sweat.

“Hey, Benni,” he said when the recording started. “Sorry to do this, but I have to postpone laser tag. Friday night work for you? Same time? Call me if that’s a problem. Otherwise, I’ll assume we’re on.”

He disconnected. Turning away, he took a couple steps before he remembered the blinking message light. With a quick command, he got the recording playing and was pleasantly surprised to see Benni. There were flashing lights cascading over her creamy skin, and he could barely hear her over the blaring music. She must have transmitted this directly from the club after he’d left.

“Varion, so sorry I missed you tonight.” She teased him with a flirtatious smile. “I’d say it was a snooze without you, but some hot guy kept me entertained. The things he managed in a confined space—wow! I think he had some kind of curly toe fetish, though. You know how some of these lechers are. See you next time, big boy.” Her wink was her only good-bye.

Good mood restored, Varion grinned as he headed upstairs to the shower. In fact, his mood wasn’t the only thing her message revived. He found himself taking his growing erection in hand as soon as he stepped under the hot spray. It leaped to full attention at the first touch.

Closing his eyes, he pictured Benni in that stall with her breasts poking out over the top of her blouse. Her nipples drove him crazy. Just like the rainbow of freckles that dotted her milky skin, her areolas weren’t the same color. One was pale lavender, while the other was dusky rose. For some reason, the mismatch lit a fuse inside his testicles and shorted out his brain.

With one hand leaning against the wall of the shower, he imagined himself in that bathroom stall again, pinning her leg up in a split and sucking on that marvelous tit. His other hand was busy stroking his shaft in nice, hard pulls that didn’t even begin to compare to the feel of her pussy. The image, though—ah gods, the memory—that sure did it for him.

His thighs trembled, and he thrust his cock through his encircling fingers and into the hard rush of the water. The pelting droplets stung the tip, but that was okay. It was just one more bit of stimulation tangling with the images in his mind to bring him off. Varion pictured her lust-filled eyes, her sweet lips, and then the look of his broad palm covering her mouth to hush her as he pounded her pussy.

There were voices beyond the stall, audible over her muffled squeaks. His groan was building in his chest, but he held it back. Her vagina was squeezing him so tightly—a ring that massaged him up and down his shaft with every piston of his hips. Benni’s legs remained splayed, one propped almost straight up between his arm and the wall. Her breath was hot and moist where it gusted over the knuckles of his silencing hand. Then her other leg was hooked over his hip, riding him as he rammed her, holding him as her channel contracted along the length of his cock again and again, taking him with her, milking him.


Bellowing, he kept his hand pumping as the top of his cock exploded and spit cum all over his shower. In seconds, all evidence had washed away, but he was still left trembling. Gently petting the head of his cock, he tried to regain his breath while the last twitches of orgasm faded inside his balls. It was good—so good—but no substitute for the real thing.

Varion couldn’t wait to get inside his tasty Flexian again. All he had to do now was wait patiently and figure out what position he wanted to pose her in next.


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