Alien Sex 104

Alien Sex Ed – Book 4

Allie Ritch


Chapter 1

The Student Model

“That was fun,” Huv said, delivering the understatement of the century. “I haven’t come that hard in ages, and the audience sort of added an extra kick.”

Actually, only part of that kick was from performing in public. The other part, however … well, Huv wasn’t quite ready to think about his reaction to having his cock handled by another male—one of the Sex Ed students. That was a first for him, and frankly he was a little weirded out by it. He tried to play it cool, though. At age thirty-six, it was a little late to switch teams, so he had to just have been caught up in the thrill of the forbidden.

“You’re a good partner.” Deina—the New Earthling he’d made love to in front of the class—delivered the compliment with a casual smile.

Huv thanked her and followed her back to the locker rooms to get dressed.

His cousin, Xindra, and her new husband, Quinn, worked at the gym year-round. They’d reserved one of the classrooms for their evening course, an Alien Sex Ed class that focused on interracial relations. It was a way to make some extra money during the slack season, and they’d turned to him when they’d needed a model for their first class. Huv was happy to help.

Cleaned and dressed, he headed out to the street and decided he wasn’t ready to go home yet, in more ways than one. He’d caught a space flight from Alluria here to Trilanta to attend Xindra’s wedding and had chosen to linger. Another of his cousins had been kind enough to put him up at his place. Huv didn’t want to think about returning to his home planet right now, and he didn’t want to turn in for the night just yet.

At loose ends, he strolled aimlessly until he wound up in a lounge several blocks over. The atmosphere inside was inviting, even if the whole theme was clichéd. A holographic man played a soothing, jazzy number on an Ibration piano, and the lights were dimmed to set a mellow mood. Huv ordered a drink and took a seat at one of the low tables near the bar.

With tourist traffic down in Trilanta, the galaxy’s great travel hub, business must be hurting. The lounge looked relatively empty. A couple whispered to each other in the corner, a small party huddled by the far wall, and he thought he’d seen another single guy over at another table. That spot was empty now.

“Mind if I join you?” someone said behind him. “I hate to drink alone.”

The voice was as smooth as Allurian brandy. And it was unmistakably masculine.

Turning toward the source, Huv found himself facing the man from the other table. A figure from a romantic painting stared back at him. The guy was probably in his midthirties, but his skin was smooth and flawless. Gray-blue eyes gazed from beneath arched brows, and his fine features were framed by a stylish mane of loose golden curls that fell just below his nape. This fellow could have walked right off the screen of a fashion vid.

Huv had the strangest urge to stand, as if remaining seated in front of this beautiful man was rude. Then the stranger smiled—a curve of full lips, a brilliant flash of white teeth—and Huv was thankful he had the table as cover. For the first time in his life, he felt his groin grow ominously tight in response to another male. His unease over tonight, over his reaction at class, rushed back with a vengeance.


His mind went blank. Gods, what was wrong with him? The guy just wanted to kick back and have a drink with him, and Huv’s chemistry chose this moment to go haywire. It must have been some kind of aftereffect from his exhibition earlier. It had to be.

Huv cleared his throat and tried to beat back the tingle of desire enough to act normally. “Sure, why not? Have a seat.”

“I’m Lexy.” The man offered his hand as he sat down.

Lexy had long, tapered fingers like an artist, but his grip was strong and sure. Huv experienced an unwelcome zinger of awareness as he returned the handshake.

“I’m Huv.” Under the table, he rubbed his palm on his pant leg to dispel the sensation. “Nice to meet you.”

“Have you ever been here before?” Lexy asked.

“No, I sort of just wandered in.”

“Me too.” Lexy leaned back in a way that made his shirt pull tight over his broad chest and flat stomach. “It was a long day at work, and I needed to unwind. Is that what you’re doing?”

“Not quite.” What the hell, Huv thought. Maybe if he shocked the guy, it would help level the playing field. “I just finished doing a sex demo my cousin set up.”

Rather than appearing shocked, Lexy looked intrigued. “You’re a porn star?”

Huv choked on the swallow he’d taken and sputtered out a laugh. Discomfort turned to humor as he realized how ridiculous he was being.

“No, nothing like that. My cousin, Xindra, has started an interracial Sex Ed course. She wanted to work in some live demonstrations to spice up the anatomy lessons. I agreed to help her out.”

“Interesting.” Lexy sounded thoughtful. “Actually, that’s a wonderful idea. I work as a sex therapist, so I’ve seen how much damage a bad experience can inflict. If this course can help educate people and open up communication, then your cousin is doing something worthwhile.”

Huv hadn’t thought of it that way. “You’re a sex therapist? How did you get into that business?”

Lexy shrugged. “I started out studying psychology in college. After I watched several friends and family members struggle with their relationships, I focused on human sexuality and relations in particular. I realized how important that facet of our lives is. After all, aside from money, sex is the biggest issue for couples.”

“Are there many men in your field?” Huv had never met anyone in Lexy’s profession before, but he figured there’d be more women therapists dealing with female patients.

“More than you might think,” Lexy answered. “Besides, I’m Cedecian. I have the benefit of a unique perspective.”

Cedecian? The race sounded vaguely familiar to Huv, but he didn’t quite follow. Maybe they were empathic or something?

“Back home on Alluria, we don’t have nearly the same diversity as you do here.” Huv took another sip of his drink. “For the most part, Allurians marry other Allurians and produce little baby Allurians. That’s what my younger brother and the rest of the family have all done. I came here to Trilanta for Xindra’s wedding. She’s the first to marry an outsider—a New Earthling fellow.”

“How did the family take that?” Lexy asked.

Huv chuckled. “We Allurians like any excuse to host a big family celebration and share dirty limericks. Nobody cared whom she married as long as he had the requisite parts.”

Lexy’s slow grin warmed Huv, but he was glad to discover it didn’t excite him the way it had at first.

“That’s good. Not all families are so understanding.” Lexy cradled his drink between his hands. “So it sounds like most of your relatives are settling down. You said your younger brother is married?”

“Yeah. He and his wife are expecting a baby now. A little girl.” Huv stared at his glass.

Lexy softened his tone. “I’d say congratulations, but you don’t sound happy about it.”

“It’s not that.” Huv frowned as he tried to figure out how to explain. “I’m very happy for him, and I look forward to being an uncle. It’s more a matter of feeling left out, I guess. Like I said, Allurians are big on family, and it’s not always easy for those of us who haven’t settled down yet. A wedding off planet was a good excuse to get away for a while.”

“Different life stages, different timing.” Lexy summed up the problem perfectly. “I take it you’re not married.”

“No. You?”

“Not yet.” Lexy sounded matter-of-fact. “Most of the people in my family marry later in life, and I tend to overanalyze my relationships as soon as they get serious. Hazard of my profession, I guess.”

“It’s a big universe,” Huv pointed out. “It’s not easy to find the right person in it.”

“True.” Lexy drew an audible breath. “So, you’re just visiting Trilanta? How long are you here?”

Huv returned a shrug. “I don’t know. Actually, I should have left by now, but I kind of like this city. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’ve been toying with the idea of relocating here.”

“Maybe I can sway you. Have you toured much of Trilanta? I’d be happy to show you some of the sights if you’re interested. Are you free Saturday?”

Huv hesitated. Then he realized how much he’d relaxed in Lexy’s company. The guy was easy to talk to, and it’d be nice to have someone to hang out with. His earlier physical reaction had, thank goodness, dissipated, so it had probably been a fluke.

“Sounds great,” he agreed. “Where do you want to meet up?”

“Do you have a car?”

“Afraid not.”

“No problem.” Lexy waved that away. “I’ll pick you up at your place, say a little after four.”

Huv rattled off the address of his cousin’s townhouse, which had been drilled into him for fear he’d get lost.

“I look forward to it.” Huv lifted his glass and tapped it against Lexy’s with a happy clink.

They sat back and listened to the music.

* * * *

Lexy had discovered that one of the problems with helping other people so much was he often didn’t spend enough time working on his own relationships. Saturday night, as he glanced at Huv sitting beside him in his car, Lexy felt a promising spark that had him determined to make time.

Of course, the physical attraction was easy to explain. The Allurian’s body was trim and well muscled, and he walked with the confidence of a man who knew his own appeal. He had dark hair with amethyst undertones that tempted a touch to see if it was as fine and silky as it looked. In contrast, Huv’s eyes were almost devoid of color, like tarnished silver behind his long lashes. Although tiny laugh lines bracketed those eyes, Lexy wondered if Huv had been joyful lately. There was something slightly lost about him, although perhaps that was Lexy’s inner therapist talking. His parents said he was always trying to fix everyone.

“Did you enjoy dinner?” Lexy asked the casual question to make conversation.

They’d gone to a large up-and-coming buffet on the far side of town.

“Hard not to. I think they had every dish ever created.” Huv turned from where he’d been staring out the window. “How long have you been on Trilanta?”

Lexy slid his gaze over his passenger again. “You’re talking to a native, although I’ve only lived here in the city for about six years now. It’s a great place to live. I hope I can convince you to stay.”

Spotting the entrance to the fairgrounds, Lexy grabbed a parking code and found them a decent spot.

“What’s this?” Huv glanced around curiously as they got out.

Lexy took a chance and slipped one hand over Huv’s shoulder. The Allurian was taller than he was by a couple of inches and felt sturdy and solid beneath his palm. It was always nice to be around a man who kept himself fit.

“Welcome to the Trilanta Amusement Park and Fairgrounds,” he answered. “Anyone who’s grown up in the area has been here at least once. I’ll make a local out of you yet.”

Huv returned a smile that melted Lexy down to his bones. If he enjoyed the Allurian this much out on the town, he couldn’t wait to see how they were in bed together. Lexy had been tempted to invite Huv back to his place from the lounge the other night, but two things had stopped him: the fact that Huv had just had sex as part of an educational demonstration and fear of rushing things. Although he’d felt an instant connection with Huv, Lexy couldn’t quite get a read on the man. It was better to take his time.

Satisfying himself with a friendly hold on his date’s shoulder, Lexy led the way inside the fairgrounds. There they spent the rest of the night trying out the rides and eating junk food like children, all the while laughing and talking about everything in orbit. It was the most fun Lexy had had in a long time.

It was especially great to see Huv’s expression while they watched a trick riding show in the arena. Huv’s steely eyes were intent as the small Flexian in the spotlight performed contortions balanced on the back of a galloping equinoid.

“And to think I fell over when I pulled on my shoe this morning,” Huv later joked on the way home.

“We all have our skill sets.” Lexy said it with a laugh, but he wondered when they’d get to explore some of those skills together.

Huv didn’t seem to pick up on the innuendo.

They were almost to Huv’s cousin’s place, which meant Lexy didn’t have much time left if he wanted to make a move. He’d originally planned to at least try for a kiss at the door, but Huv was acting like just a buddy at the moment. Maybe next time?

“Listen,” Huv told him. “Thanks a lot for tonight. You don’t know how much I needed to get out and do something with someone I’m not related to.”

“No problem.” But Lexy couldn’t judge his tone. Had he misread Huv’s interest? Was this a “just friends” sort of deal?

He pulled in front of the townhouse and waited for some sort of signal.

“I know you’re busy with work during the week,” Huv said.


“But do you want to do something again next weekend? Maybe we could catch a game or a movie at the holoplex?”

His hope rekindled, Lexy felt himself beaming. It looked like he hadn’t misjudged things with Huv after all. They weren’t rushing headlong for bed, but that was fine with him. He wasn’t looking for just another lay. Lexy genuinely enjoyed getting to know Huv. He got the feeling the Allurian put on a good act of being carefree, but Huv was far more serious and complex under the surface. It was a side Huv’s family probably didn’t see very often.

“Saturday is good.” He tried to sound nonchalant despite the happy dance he was doing inside. “I’ll call you?”

Huv nodded and gave him a quick pat on the knee before he climbed out.

Although it wasn’t the kiss Lexy had hoped for, nothing could dim his joy. Now he had something to look forward to all week. With a last wave good-bye, he saw Huv safely inside before he drove away.

Once he was back at his house in the suburbs, Lexy stripped off his clothes in the bedroom and hung up his jacket. He used the closet on the left—half of a his-and-hers pair—though he knew every dress, blouse, and pair of shoes in the other one. Getting ahead of himself, he tried to picture Huv’s clothes hanging next to his, and it gave him a homey feeling. Okay, so he definitely had a crush.

As he crawled into bed, Lexy reran the evening in his head, right down to the good-night kiss he hadn’t gotten. He then fantasized a happier ending, one in which he scored a whole lot more than just a kiss.

In his mind, sterling eyes met his gaze, and moist breath hit his mouth seconds before firm, soft lips molded to his. Huv had an aura about him that said he liked to take charge, but Lexy would fight him for it. They’d wind up here, hot and disheveled, in his bedroom.

The images came fast and furious now: seeking hands, warm skin, hard muscles. Grabbing some tissues from the nightstand, Lexy reached beneath the covers for his already lengthening cock. Although Cedecians weren’t quite as well endowed as the other races, they were by far the most talented at finding the pleasure spots of either sex. Stroking his shaft with gradually more urgent pulls, Lexy imagined exploring those spots on Huv. He’d never made love to an Allurian before, but he’d heard the males of that race had extra-hard cocks.

Feeling the skin moving over the woody core of his hard-on, Lexy pretended he was giving a handjob to Huv instead. Of course, Huv would be larger and more rigid. He’d probably want more pressure, especially around the crown.

“Oh, gods.” Lexy punched his head back into his pillow as he fisted himself.

Now it wasn’t just Huv’s penis he fantasized about. It was Huv’s hand stroking Lexy’s, his fingers sliding up and down his sensitive shaft and around the blunt tip. His thumb would curve over Lexy’s weeping slit and—

“Ah, yes! Huv!”

Cum spewed out of Lexy’s cock in a torrent, almost too fast and copious to catch with the tissues. It was a short, brutal orgasm that instantly drained his body of tension and left him boneless. Replete, he fell limp on the mattress before he rolled onto his side with a long sigh.

Hugging one of the bed pillows, Lexy drifted off to dreams of warm, silvery eyes and aubergine hair. Next weekend couldn’t come soon enough.

* * * *

Walking out of a small dinner theater the following Saturday, Huv was again struck by a weird attraction to Lexy. In fact, he had the urge to wrap his arm around the other guy, which was as confusing as it was disturbing. Huv had never lusted for another man before, and he couldn’t fathom why he’d start now. Sure, Lexy was hot. With those fine, angelic features, how could he not be? But Huv wasn’t only aware of Lexy’s appeal in a purely intellectual sense. His whole body reacted.

A flush spread across his already too-tight skin, and he couldn’t figure out what to do with his hands. He wound up fidgeting, which wasn’t like him. Huv didn’t know how he could go from perfectly relaxed to hyperaware so quickly, but this was ridiculous. He really liked Lexy. They had a good time together. He didn’t want his misfiring hormones to humiliate him and mess up their friendship.

“Want to come back to my place?” Lexy asked. “We could have a drink or something.”

Huv froze for a second. If he’d been on a date with a woman, he would have taken that as an invitation for more than just a drink. But this wasn’t a date, and his screwed-up libido must be skewing his perceptions. Surely he’d imagined the suggestive note in Lexy’s voice, the way he glanced up through his lashes.

Lexy’s smile faded a bit. “It’s still early, and I just got a new big vid screen a few weeks ago.”

Relieved, Huv blew out a laugh. “Sure, that sounds great.”

What was wrong with him? The guy probably didn’t want to go back to an empty house, so he was inviting Huv to hang out a while longer. Huv had to stop overreacting and ignore these inappropriate feelings until they dwindled again. No problem.

Lexy laid a hand on his shoulder and leaned closer. It was a casual touch, but heat instantly flared from Huv’s scalp to the soles of his feet. Okay, so he had a problem after all.

Although he tried to shake it off, he felt awkward the whole ride to Lexy’s place. When they got inside, the tension only mounted until his heart pounded in his chest. You’d think he was a virgin sneaking into a popular girl’s bedroom, not a guy visiting his buddy’s house.

After locking up, Lexy turned to face him. “Do you want that drink now, or do you want to wait until later?”

Huv wasn’t sure if a drink would help ease him or just obliterate his already shaky control. Either way, he was bound to say or do something stupid if he didn’t get a grip. Better to play it safe.

“I’ll wait.” His voice came out as a dry rasp.

He was so busy trying to control his own reactions he didn’t catch Lexy’s until the man took a step that placed him an inch away.

“I hoped you’d say that.” Lexy spoke with a husky undertone that made Huv shiver. Then he kissed him.

Shock kept Huv in place for the first brush of Lexy’s lips, so much firmer and more direct than a woman’s. At least, Huv told himself it was shock. He didn’t know what excuse he had for softening his mouth a second later. A reflex maybe? All he knew was his head was spinning, and his groin felt tight and heavy like maybe his cock was thinking about sticking its head out. Then Lexy’s tongue probed the seam of his lips, and Huv didn’t know what the hell he was feeling. Jerking away, he backpedaled until he hit the wall.

“Whoa, I’m not … this isn’t…” Ah, gods. This couldn’t be happening to him.

“Not quite the reaction I expected.” Lexy’s tone was wry, but despite his own distress, Huv could hear the hurt behind it.

Raking his hand through his hair, Huv tugged hard as if the movement would straighten out his head. “Look, I think there’s been a miscommunication here. I’m really sorry if I misled you, but I’m not gay.”

“Okay.” Lexy sounded like he was humoring him.

“No, really. I like women. A lot.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” Lexy shot him an amused smile. “Strictly speaking, I’m not gay either, although I guess you could argue I’m half gay. I’m simply Cedecian.”

“You told me that,” Huv said, but he felt like he must have missed something.

Apparently Lexy figured that out, too. A frown formed in the middle of his smooth brow before tipping down the corners of his lips. “And you told me there isn’t much diversity on your home planet. You don’t know much about Cedecians, do you?”

“Not really.”

“Oh, boy.” Lexy winced. “Maybe you’d better sit down.”

Realizing he was cowering against the wall, Huv felt a flush of embarrassment. He accepted the seat Lexy offered him in the living room and settled across from him.

“I’ll get right to the point,” Lexy said. “Cedecians are a bi-gender race.”

Huv blinked. “Bi—”

“Gender. We shift back and forth between male and female, spending equal time as each.”

Stars above, he would have remembered hearing something like that. “Nifty trick.” He audibly swallowed. “Do you … uh … do that often?”

“Change sexes?” Although Lexy propped his ankle on his knee and leaned back casually, he kept bouncing his foot. “We can do it at will with a great deal of concentration, but it’s uncomfortable if the timing isn’t right. Right now, I’m at the male stage of my cycle. In a few days, I’ll transform to female. The only time we don’t have a choice in the matter is when we’re in our fertile period and have a permanent lover. Then we take whatever form complements them.”

“I see.” Actually, Huv felt like he was cross-eyed at the moment, but what could he say?

He almost flinched when Lexy came over and sat beside him on the sofa.

“Look, I can see you’re taken aback,” Lexy told him. “I don’t mean to push you, but I couldn’t help but notice you responded to my kiss. Well, at least until you remembered you were kissing a man.”

Oh, gods. Huv’s heart beat a wild tattoo. “But I’m not gay,” he repeated. “Or bisexual.”

Lexy patted his arm. “I have to ask, and this question isn’t as stupid as it might sound. Are you sure?”

“Of course, I … damn.” Huv scrubbed his palms over his face. He couldn’t deny he’d reacted to Lexy. Hadn’t he wondered the same thing?

“Have you ever tried a sexual interaction with a male?” Lexy’s tone was gentle.

“No … except … I mean I hadn’t, but…”

Lexy rubbed his arm. “It’s okay to tell me. I won’t use it to pressure you.”

Huv groaned. “At that class I modeled for. The students came up for a hands-on anatomy lesson, and I let them touch me. Most of the guys opted to just look, but this one Nimanian man took my cock in his hand. I didn’t even pay attention to what he looked like. It’s not that I was interested in him, but when he put his hand on me—”

“You enjoyed it?”

Shaking his head, Huv stared at his hands. “I don’t know. I just … don’t know. I’m thirty-six years old. Shouldn’t this have come up before now?”

Lexy responded with a small smile. “I’ll ignore the obvious pun and answer maybe. People can spend their whole lives exploring their sexuality. Maybe you’re ready to try a new avenue—one that’s part of your makeup but wasn’t something you were ready for as an adolescent. In case it isn’t obvious, I’d be happy to help you test the waters.”

Temptation, dark and forbidden, swirled inside him. “I don’t know if I can.”

“We could try another kiss.” Lexy slid his hand around to rub Huv’s back. “You seemed to like that until your inhibitions got in the way.”

Huv couldn’t believe he was even considering this, let alone about to do it, but he licked his lips. “Just a kiss?”

Lexy leaned closer. “Just a kiss. We’ll take it nice and slow.”

Moving as if he was afraid he’d spook Huv, Lexy eased in. All the while, he ran his hands up and down Huv’s stiff back. Lexy’s warm breath mingled with his, followed by a gentle brush of lips. Feeling awkward and more than a little nervous, Huv cupped Lexy’s cheek. The prickle of stubble threw him off.

With a soothing murmur, Lexy planted coaxing pecks at the corners of his mouth. The simple caresses made Huv’s heart slam against his ribs, and heat blossomed under his skin in a rush. Groaning in surrender, he finally caught Lexy’s mouth in a full, passionate kiss.

The moment he let go, his erection sprang to aching life. He gasped, which was all the invitation Lexy needed to slip his tongue between Huv’s lips. The world tilted, and Huv fell back onto the couch with Lexy sprawled over him.

It wasn’t the same as having a woman on top of him. Instead of soft breasts and rounded curves, the body pressed so intimately against his consisted of lean, hard muscles over a strong frame. There was also no mistaking the bulge rubbing against his thigh.

Jolted by the feel of another man’s hard-on, Huv made a small sound of distress.

“Shhh.” Lexy reached up to massage his scalp, sending tingles of pleasure up and down Huv’s spine. “Just a kiss, remember?”

Huv didn’t have time to respond before he was swept up again. Their tongues dueled; their hands roamed. Arousal shoved aside his doubts. He wanted more.

Clutching Lexy’s butt, Huv began to writhe beneath him until he was rhythmically grinding his hips upward. Nipping Lexy’s lower lip, he opened farther. He reached up to tangle his fingers in Lexy’s curls, which were even thicker and softer than they looked. On a spasm, his cock sent up a warm spill of precum. Huv kicked his head back with a moan.

Above him, Lexy’s cheeks were flushed, and he was panting when he pulled back. “You have no idea how much I want to make love to you.” With the backs of his fingers, he stroked Huv’s face with a touch so gentle it made everything go still inside him. “Is there anything I can do to make that okay for you?”

Words knotted in Huv’s throat, leaving him speechless. Even his thoughts were contrary: Yes, I want you. No, I can’t make love to a man. You’re everything I want, except I want a woman. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

Huv felt another soft caress on his face, which made him realize he’d squeezed his eyes shut. He opened them to discover Lexy gazing at him thoughtfully.

“You’re still hard.” Lexy pushed his weight into Huv’s inseam for emphasis.

Huv audibly gulped. “You seem to have that effect on me.”

“When you’re not fighting it, you mean.” Lexy’s tone was patient. “Tell me something. If gender weren’t an issue, if you’d met me as a female first, would you be hesitating right now? Or would we already be in the bedroom?”

He didn’t even have to think about it. “Bedroom.”

“Even knowing I change into a man?”

Sensing this was important to Lexy, Huv chose his words carefully. “I’ve never met someone who can change sexes. I can’t decide if I’m skeptical or intrigued, which probably means I haven’t absorbed that yet. But I’ve never been so attracted to someone before. And I’ve only known you as a man. I also got on this couch with you after you told me about the whole bi-gender thing.”

Lexy’s smile was so radiant it nearly stopped Huv’s heart. If Huv were bisexual… Stars above, now he was questioning that again.

“I’ll tell you what.” Lexy sat back so he straddled Huv’s lap, which sent another jolt of pleasure up Huv’s shaft. “Why don’t I change into something more comfortable for you? Then I’ll give you a tour of my bedroom, and we’ll see what happens. Nothing forced.”

Huv released a ragged sigh. Then in the next heartbeat, his breath hitched as he stared in amazement. Before his eyes, Lexy’s facial features softened into something more feminine, and his body grew curvier and more delicate. Lexy’s hips flared out as his erection shrank and disappeared. Two pert little breasts swelled from his—that is, her chest. The only features that remained the same were those magnificent golden curls and gray-blue eyes.

“Magic.” The word left Huv’s mouth as a reverent whisper.


Lexy felt the ache of her forced shift melt away beneath the look in Huv’s eyes. Rather than scaring or disgusting him as she’d feared, her shift appeared to awe the Allurian. That gave her more hope for the future than was probably wise.

The feel of Huv’s unflagging desire beneath her focused Lexy on the now. Huv definitely still wanted her, and she hoped taking a female form would remove the last obstacle to their being together. What had started out as precum was now a slick coating of cream inside her vagina, and the hard throb of her shaft had morphed into an empty ache behind her distended clit. She needed to come very badly.

“You’re beautiful,” Huv murmured. “Lexy, you’re so beautiful.”

Meeting his silvery gaze, she felt tender warmth twine with desire. She got up and offered her hand. “Show me.”

The hunger her words evoked made Lexy shiver. She could see it in his gaze, in the way he moved with swift, sudden grace, and it thrilled her. The second he accepted her hand, she led him to her bedroom.

It was a simple matter of shoving her now-oversize pants and boxers past her rounded hips to drop them to the floor. With her shoulders no longer as wide, the man’s shirt fit like a nightie, landing just below the juncture of her thighs. Behind the material, her nipples grew stiff and sensitive.

Huv reached out and toyed with the collar of her shirt, still wearing the same look of wonder and desire. She thought she saw his hand tremble as he slowly stroked it down her chest to cup one of her breasts. The warm rasp of his palm made her arch into him with a delighted sigh. He gave her breast a testing squeeze before he continued his explorations down, down, down to the damp folds between her legs.

When he touched her there, Lexy didn’t just gasp. She thrust her hips forward to grind against him. Part of her body was still telling her she was male—she was supposed to be a man right now—and the lack of a penis felt kinky. She felt like a man experiencing sex as a woman.

“You change everything,” Huv marveled. “All your parts are female now.”

Lexy couldn’t help but smile. “Did you think I’d trick you with a half job?”

Huv shook his head, but he didn’t say a word. Apparently assured of her sex, he unleashed the hunger she’d seen building inside him. Between one heartbeat and the next, he had her plastered full-length against him with his hand on her bare bottom and his tongue in her mouth.

Spearing her fingers through his soft hair, Lexy met him with the same intensity. She could feel the hard ridge of his erection behind his pants, almost rubbing her where she wanted the friction most. How he got her top off in this position, she wasn’t sure, but the next thing she knew, her shirt hit the floor with a muted plop.

Standing naked in his arms while he was fully dressed was another sensual experience. It left her feeling vulnerable and sexy, like a wanton leading him astray. Lexy had needs of her own, though, and she didn’t intend to be shortchanged.

“Off.” She delivered the order with a nip of his lip and tugged on his shirt for emphasis.

With a groan, he stepped back and whipped the garment over his head. His shoes and pants quickly followed. Lexy felt her eyes widen when she finally glimpsed the rigid length of his cock. The shaft was more heavily striated than others she’d seen, and the crown practically looked armor-plated.

“Extra-hard.” She murmured the words to herself, already imagining how he’d feel inside her.

If she hadn’t heard one of her patients brag about the incredible pleasure an Allurian cock could bring a woman, she might have worried it would hurt. Wanting to do a little reconnoitering, she reached for his intimidating member. He caught her hand before she could make contact.

“Next time.” Huv led her to the bed. “If you handle me now, I won’t last very long.”

Although she suspected he was experienced enough to withstand some foreplay, Lexy was pleased he wanted her this badly. She was tempted to bring him off with her hand just so she could watch every nuance of his orgasm. He must have read the temptation in her eyes because he swung her onto the bed and covered her before she could make her move.

“What do you like?” He kissed his way down her neck toward the swell of her breasts. “How do you like to be touched?”

Delicious shivers raced through her as he neared her left nipple with his scalding mouth.

“Mmm.” The hum of pleasure vibrated in the back of her throat. “I like my thighs rubbed.”

She felt his fingers stroke up the outside of her right thigh at the same instant he suckled her nipple. The coordination of the attack made the two sensations connect like a twanged string running through the center of her womb. Her juices flowed harder.

Seconds later, Huv found her drenched folds with his finger and followed the flow until he’d buried his digit right up to his knuckles. Again, Lexy experienced an out-of-body moment. She wasn’t supposed to have a vagina for him to enter right now. The fact that she did and he was currently drilling his finger in and out of it added to the thrill.

Lexy whimpered. “Stroke my clit. Pump it like a little cock.”

His hand stilled for a moment, and she was afraid she’d shocked him. Then he released a growling noise from the back of his throat. The sheets made a soughing sound as he settled his hips between her legs. She felt the bone-hard tip of his penis probe her opening, followed by the pinch of his fingertips gripping her plump clitoris to caress it from root to peak.

“Yes!” Lexy squeezed her eyes shut in bliss.

She forgot about fighting him for control or worrying about his Allurian cock hurting her. Rekindled from their play on the couch, her climax roared to life, poised to burst through her at any moment. The slick friction of his fingers combined with the increased pressure as he fed his shaft into her: one inch, two, three…

The bulbous head of his cock felt like smooth, unyielding stone slipping along her inner walls. Thanks to those thick lines along the length of his shaft, it felt like his dick was ridged. It was the most incredible sensation she’d ever experienced.

What seemed like hours later, their pelvises touched. Huv groaned like he was in pain and removed his hand from her clit, which made Lexy release a similar sound.

He grunted. “Hold on.”

Lexy thought he was telling her to wait, but he hooked her left leg over his hip and gripped the headboard with one hand. He kept his other palm on her thigh. She had just enough time to throw her arms around him and grip his shoulders before he drew his hips back.

“Tell me if it’s too much.” He sucked in a long, unsteady breath. “I need this—ah, gods!—so much.”

In the next instant, he rammed home again with such force Lexy’s breasts would have bounced if they hadn’t been squashed against Huv’s chest. A squeal escaped her, but it certainly wasn’t a sound of pain.

“More,” she cried.

He gave her more. Thrusting long and deep, Huv rode her as if he’d waited all his life for this. His palm slid up and down her thigh with every stroke, while his chest rubbed against her nipples. The best part was the friction of his hips churning between her legs. His pubic hair was the softest thing she’d ever felt, and when he raised himself higher over her, it brushed against her like an overeager kitten.

Climax approached, eliciting a continuous wail from Lexy’s throat. Above her, Huv punctuated the sound with animalistic grunts. His humping grew more frantic, causing her to grab his flexing buttocks for better purchase. She didn’t want to miss a thing, so she forced her eyes open in time to see his face flush with strain.

That was the last thing Lexy saw before detonation. In the next instant, her sheath locked on to his shaft in a series of contractions. His cock felt like a marble column inside her. She came so hard she tingled from her scalp to her toenails, and that was before he bellowed above her.

It had been a while since Lexy had made love as a woman, but she’d never forgotten the hot gush of a man spending inside her. The proof of his pleasure made her feel smug. Running her hands over his body with a proprietary air, she waited until his muscles unlocked from his bones. With a final groan, he hung his head as if it was too heavy to support anymore. He rolled to his side so he wouldn’t crush her.

“Good?” The word came out on a pant.

Lexy couldn’t believe he had to ask. “More than good.”

Huv appeared relieved. “Just give me a few minutes. I’ll be gentler next time. I promise.”

Renewed desire tangled with something tender inside Lexy’s breast. She’d had high expectations for her Allurian. Apparently, he planned to surpass even those.